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Age 3+ / 2-4 Players / Observation & Memory

Grilled meat, sliced cheese, iceberg lettuce and fresh tomato... Act fast and be the first to complete your burger! Use all the ingredients in the right order and take pleasure in looking at your opponents’ sour faces. Become a master burger maker and open your own fast-food restaurant.

Game rules:

To begin MY BURGER, each player chooses his favourite burger out of four burger templates. All the ingredients tiles are then shuffled and randomly placed face down on the playing surface. Each player’s aim is to complete his burger according to his template by using the ingredients in the correct order working from the bottom part of the bun upwards. After deciding or drawing the playing order, the first player flips over any playing tile so everyone can see it. If the tile does not depict a bottom part of a bun the player then flips it back face down and the next player takes his turn. If a player flips over a tile with a bottom part of a bun he then takes the tile and continues playing by flipping over another tile in search of his next ingredient. His turn continues as long as he succeeds in finding his correct ingredients in the correct order. When a player flips over a tile with an incorrect ingredient for his current layer he then flips it back face down into its original place and the next player takes his turn. The winner of the MY BURGER game is the player who first completes his burger in the right order according to his template.

Box contents 28 playing tiles, rules booklet, textile bag and SOS service code.